Project Highlight

VR Tours

VR Tours is an audioguided walking tour of Budapest, combined with a location-based VR experience. The 360-degree, 3D-animated historical scenes take the viewer back in time to an event of significance in the Hungarian capital's history.

About the client

VR Tours is a young startup starting out in Budapest that organizes guided walking tours.

Project Scope

We have created the 3D animated scenes and provided technical guidance in setting up the VR hardware and software components.

Virtual Reality
Software Development
Promotional Video

A trip back in time

For this project, we have carefully modeled the UNESCO World Heritage Buda Castle and its surroundings in 3D. Through thorough research and the help of a film director, we aimed to recreate both the time-appropriate scenery and the overall ambience of each era, as well as a captivating short scene of a significant event of that time. These include the siege of Buda by the Turks in 1541 and the German Army blowing up the Chain Bridge in WW2.